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5th Annual Social Entrepreneurship IDEAS Challenge


Awards: Finalists will receive $2000 CAD, Canada Wide Media Recognition, Access to specialized Mentorship & Investment pool and In Kind Sponsorship & Services (accounting, financial, organization structuring, revenue modelling, etc).

Social Entrepreneurs IDEAS Challenge is the CSEF's Flagship Online Program. Modelled after GSVC, MIT's IDEAS competitions, The SE IDEAS Challenge provides an opportunity for students, scientists, professionals to develop their creative ideas for projects that make a positive impact in the world. Participants will work to develop designs, plans, strategies, materials and mechanisms that benefit communities, locally, nationally or internationally.

Using cash awards from CSEF, as well as additional development grants, the teams can take an effective step toward resolving pressing individual and community challenges.

CSEF presents....Canada’ss 1st online Social Entrepreneurship IDEAS Challenge The Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Foundation is a British Columbia not-for profit. We aim to educate and inform about social entrepreneurship and champion and support social entrepreneurs across Canada.

CSEF will be accepting entrees to Canada's first online Social Entrepreneurship IDEAS Challenge

This competition judges ideas and business plans for social ventures that are either for-profit or non-profit. The Competition awards prizes to the business plans that show the highest, most integrated financial and social returns, i.e. blended value.

o qualify for the Competition, a proposed venture must:
-The focus of submissions should on any of the following areas: cleantech, biotechnology, social justice, poverty, literacy, and the environment.

-Plan to be financially sustainable or profitable; whether it is a commercial business or a tax-exempt organization, it must be self-sufficient on its earned revenue.

-Be scalable. This criterion will be unique for each business plan. Scalability will take into account the potential for growth of the business (and how well both the financial and social goals can be scaled).

-Have a quantifiable social and/or environmental bottom line incorporated into its mission and practices.

-The proposed venture can be a new identity or a wholly owned subsidiary of an existing entity (either a for profit or non profit entity).

-A business plan can re-enter the competition year after year.

-Team size is not restricted.

How to Enter: Send your entry to

Executive Summary Round 1

Submission Deadline:

Open: TBD

The following documents should be submitted electronically via email:

Executive Summary must not exceed 5 pages (typed and double-spaced, #12 font) of text, charts, and diagrams.

Result: 5 Submissions Advance

Example of an Executive Summary:

I. Business Overview
- Company description and business model
- Value proposition- financial
- Value proposition- social or environmental
- Vision
- Current status

II. The Market Opportunity (the problem, the pain)
- Why is this such a great idea? Describe the pain, define the problem
- Competitive analysis (analysis of the current competition and assessment of why the pain or problem is not being solved by them)

III. Market Solution
- Product(s) or service(s)
- How you will remove the pain, solve the problem
- Unfair competitive advantages, Ability to create barriers to entry

IV. The Market
- Identification of Customer(s)
- Industry analysis and forecast

V. Management Team
- Founders and key management
- Industry experience, Education
- Board of advisors

VI. Financial and Social Impact Summary
- Narrative overview of financial summary
- Outline overall financial model with basic projections
- Discuss assumptions and capital requirements
- Narrative overview of social / environmental impact summary

Final Round

Final B. Plan Deadline: TBD

Submission: Business Plan, Financial Model.

Result: Finalists ranked

Winners Announced: TBD