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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



CSEF is looking for developing social entrepreneurs who are under the age of 40 that want to develop and take a new service or product to market.   

CSEF provides you with access to Funding, Provincial/National/International Networks, a wide variety of Start-Up Resources, Mentorship and Evaluation Resources.   


What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship creates solutions to immediate social problems and also mobilizes the ideas, capacities, resources, and social arrangements required for social transformations. The focus here is on solutions that are effective, sustainable, an, ideally, replicable in a variety of contexts around the world. Although social entrepreneurs share some characteristics and techniques with traditional business entrepreneurs — for example, an emphasis on innovation and the utilization of time-tested business theories and practices — their work and impact span the private, nonprofit, and governmental sectors.

What is Social Enterprise?

The Social Enterprise Alliance defines social enterprise as:

An organization or venture that advances its social mission through entrepreneurial, earned income strategies.


What is the Social Economy [of Canada]?

Definition of Social Economy

Social economy enterprises are organizations that are run like businesses, producing goods and services, but which manage their operations on a not-for-profit basis. Instead, they direct any surpluses to the pursuit of social and community goals.

Status Report on the Budget 2004 Social Economy Commitments, Briefing to the National Social Economy Roundtable, September 29, 2004, Industry Canada


Social Economy Commitments

2004 Speech from the Throne

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin announced in the federal budget of 2004 that "the people themselves represent a powerful social resource and it is high time that the federal government recognizes this. We intend to make the social economy a key part of Canada's social policy tool kit."

Budget 2004 Social Economy Initiatives

Capacity Building

Create targeted pilot program in support of strategic planning and capacity building of community economic development and social economy organizations


Establish up to four regional patient capital demonstration funds and/or increase lending to social economy enterprises (e.g. through loan-loss reserve funds, etc.)

Access to Small Business Programs and Agencies (Unfunded)

Provide social economy sector access to existing federal government small business programs and agencies


Establish new social economy component within SSHRC's Community-University Research Alliance program


Social Economy Sector: Federal Strategy


Enhance government understanding through short term initiatives responding to sector's priorities (i.e. capacity building, financing and research)


Embed sector as federal priority by ensuring ongoing small business programming made available to sector


Develop and implement longer-term federal strategy for this sector


Are you the only online organization providing this type of help?

No.  There are many organizations globally that are offering simliar opportunities and aid.   Our value: We help introduce you to this large network.  Just to name a few: - -

We work with you to provide you with a face to the name of the organization, corporation, not for profit . We believe very much in the power of NETWORKS.  When one is starting off, getting infront of the right audience with the right network is key to the development of that idea, service, product, organization.