Searching for the Right Resource

"Many of the problems of our modern world, ranging from disease to drugs to crime to terrorism, derive from the inequities between rich and they rich nation vs poor nation or rich community vs poor community. It is in the best interests of the well-off to help empower those who are not as well-off to improve their lives."
-Jeff Skoll

Internship: Overview

We encourage youth over 18 to join our team and help us develop this project by volunteering in the following capacities:


Are you a writer looking to get published?  Need journalism experience?  CSEF is seeking volunteer reporters to interview social entrepreneurs.  Must be a self-starter who understands news   values, possesses excellent researching and writing skills, and is able to find social entrepreneurs on their own accord.

Interested candidates should submit writing samples to Tina Barton at joinourteam [at] This is your opportunity to kickstart your media career!!

Webmaster: We are looking for a webmaster that can devote 5 hours a week to maintaining our website.

You will be responsible for implementing the ongoing development of the CSEF website. You will also be responsible for performing day-to-day site maintenance, establishing company standards for design, ensuring navigation and browser compatibility, performing quality-control for third party content, and maintaining and developing small web applications. Additional responsibilities will include documenting web best practices and writing maintainable HTML/ASP code with comment tags, updating all content, assisting in the redevelopment and maintenance of the Intranet and advising staff and outside agencies on how to best optimize their content for online deployment.

Skills Needed:

* 1+ years of experience with HTML 3.2/4.0 at the tag level, no WYSIWYG is required.
* 1+ years of DHTML, COM and client-side JavaScript programming experience is also required.
* 2+ years of thorough knowledge of browser compatibility issues for all platforms/major browsers is necessary.
* 2+ years of Microsoft server-side VBScript and ASP development experience is also necessary.
* 2+ years conversion of existing images (TIFF, BMP, PSD) for online use (JPG, GIF) using Adobe ImageReady and PhotoShop is a must.
* 1 1/2+ years of thorough knowledge of browser compatibility issues for all platforms/major browsers is also a must.

Video Blogger: We are looking for 3 video bloggers from around the world willing to contribute to our blog. We can discuss possible beats and themes that are relevant to the mission of the CSEF.  Think of this as your soapbox - a chance to develop your own unique voice for a global audience.
Skills Needed: Video, Webcam, Internet connection.


Photographer: We need powerful, evocative images that convey fundamental themes of our project - social entrepreneurship, stewardship of our planet, compassion, teamwork, etc. We can brainstorm what themes are workable as photo essays.
Skills Needed: Photography.

Marketing Mentor (Ottawa)
Occasional position.  Provide mentoring advice to the Media/Marketing Coordinator on raising publicity for CSEF.  (Make suggestions for promoting, marketing and advertising upcoming events in the media.)  Cast a critical eye through marketing and fundraising plans, when required.

Skills Needed: A marketing/communications background, strategic thinking, past mentoring experience, willingness to be involved in a good cause.

General Funding Researcher

Increase funds through researching (and if possible targeting) charitable trusts that are sympathetic to CSEF.

Skills Needed: Possess grant writing experience OR an academic research background within Not For Profits or similar organizations.

Newsletter/Direct Mailing Volunteer

Organise direct mailing campaigns to a wide range of potential and current donors; designing and producing support materials, such as posters and newsletters, in accordance with chief Media person.

Skills Needed: Previous marketing experience.

Fundraiser (Government/Private Sector) (Victoria)

Identify and target private companies for sponsorship.  Contact, develop relationships, and arrange meetings to seek sponsorship.

Develop relationships with specific ministers within the provincial government AND/OR research and report back to CSEF about funding opportunities within government.

Skills Needed: Ability to sell, and familiarity with the Government/Private sector. Available for weekday meetings and communication.

Events Organizer (Victoria)

Develop new and imaginative fundraising activities, many of which are events-based; in conjunction Victoria Director.

Skills Needed: Strong logistics and organizational skills, Passion for event planning, Previous use of Photoshop, Illustrator, and support software.