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Social Enterprise in Canada

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Content Sourced: Fraser Valley Centre for Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Resources in Canada

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The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide is the first extensive and comprehensive published resource, tool kit, and collection of social enterprise stories. The guide reflects the learnings and resources of the eight years of development and implementation of the Enterprising Non-Profits program. It includes chapters written by enp staff, social enterprise practitioners, professional trainers, funders and organizational development expertise.

Guide to financing Social Enterprise

Vancouver Social Enterprise Forum Blog

Social Economy Centre

Enterprising Not For

Rothman School of Business and Social Enterprise

VanCity: Social Enterprise Definition

The Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia

file icon Sustainability and social enterprise: A new sector? [download]

Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise 2007: Call for Papers

Social Enterprise for Sustainable Communities

Social Capital Partners: Invests in and incubates revenue-generating social enterprises that employ at-risk youth and other populations outside the economic mainstream in Canada.

Social Enterprise Resource Database <Click Here>

SEDI stands for Social and Enterprise Development Innovations. Are a non-profit organization that assists people who are struggling economically. SEDI motivates them to aim higher and develop the tools they need to achieve their goals, in partnership with community groups across Canada.


Canadian Social Entrepreneurs Network

The Fraser Valley Centre for Social Enterprise


What are Social Enterprises?

Social Enterprise (Wiki Definition)

Social enterprises are non-profit, co-operative and for-profit businesses that provide goods and services to earn revenue and achieve social, economic, and/or environmental goals. Successful social enterprises play an important role in our local economy and make vital contributions to our communities and the environment.

This section focuses on non-profit and co-operative social enterprises. There are also for-profit businesses that are making a significant social and environmental impact. To read about some of these companies, start here.

Content Sourced: VanCity British Columbia, Canada, Definition.

Social Enterprise Resources in the U.S

Social Enterprise Magazine Online

Membership organization providing resources, education, technical assistance, and networking opportunities to those in the field

Online Articles

Sourced from Fraser Valley for Social Enterprise

Featured Article presented in Atlanta, GA Click on link to download MS Word document

Discussion paper positing need for new business structure for social enterprise in Canada, presented at the 2006 Social Enterprise Alliance Conference (Atlanta) and 2006 National Conference on CED and the Social Economy (Vancouver)

Alphabetical Order

A brief tutorial on business planning for nonprofit enterprise by Cynthia Massarsky

A non-profit guide to develop an income stream venues by Clohesy Consulting

Adventure in social enterprise: Attaining sustainability and self-reliance through  

business by Elisa Birnbaum

An Enterprising Failure by Tracey, P., Owen Jarvis

Assessing your communication strategy by Hershey, Christine

Blending Business With Charity Can Be 'Head-Busting' Work by Wallace, N.

Bridging the culture of business and poverty by Bradley, James.

Business Planning for Social Enterprise by Alter, Kim.

Business Practices in Social Enterprise by Bull, M., Crompton, H.

Canadian Business and the Millenium Development Goals by CBSR

Charities Doing Commercial Ventures: Societal and Organizational Implications by Zimmerman, B., Dart, R.

Charities, Non-Profits and Business Activities

Community Power. Lessons for nonprofit entrepreneurship by Hoffman, D.

Conducting a Feasibility Analysis

Does Misery Love Companies? How social performance pays off by Margolis, J.

Eight Basic Principles for Nonprofit Entrepreneurs by Jerr Boschee

Employment for Former Prisoners by Shuetz, P.

Engaging Small Business in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Canadian Small Business Perspective on CSR.

Enterprising Non-profits by Caledon Institute of Social Policy

Enterprising Organizations by Aspen Institute

Exploring the Climate for Earned Income Development by Horsnell, A.

Five Social Enterprise Myths, Dispelled by Burn Ace, K.

Funding them to fish: Final Report

Guide to Financing for Social Enterprise

Guiding Principles for Nonprofits in the Marketplace

How marketing can reduce worldwide poverty? by Lagace, M

How Organizations Create Social Value by Salls, M.

How to Build a Business Plan by C. Massarsky

How to Build a Social Enterprise by Gagnaire, Kirsten 

How to create jobs, save the planet and make money for your nonprofit: a lesson in developing a business plan

How your nonprofit can enhance capacity, impact and sustainability by Horsnell, A., Pepin J.

Identifying Your Best Earned-Income Opportunities by Horsnell, A.

If the shoe fits. Nonprofit or For-Profit? The choice matters by Gair, C.

International Perspectives on Social Ventures / Enterprises

Invention for the common good by Stanford Social Innovation

Managing the Double Bottom Line: A business Planning Guide for Social Enterprises by Alter, Kim.

Mapping Your Assets and Identifying Opportunities

Marketing a Social Mission by Utterback, M.

Marketing and Sustainable Development

Marketing for Community-Based Social Enterprise by Lamb, P.

Merging mission, market, and money: A nonprofit’s guide to social entrepreneurship by Jim Thalhuber

Microfinance & the Double Bottom Line by Tulchin, Drew

Migrating from Innovation to Entrepreneurship by Boshee, J.  

Non-Profit Earned Income Strategies - where to start? by Social Enterprise Associates

Nonprofit Enterprise: Right for You? by Cynthia Massarsky

Partnering for Innovation by CBSR

Poverty, Thy Name is Hydra by Kunz, J.& Jeff Frank

Powering Social Change

Practical People, Noble Causes. by Thake, S., Zadek, S.

Practitioner Understanding of Social Return on Investment by Thys, D., Tulchin, D., Ohri, C.

Preparing to Launch an Enterprise by Rolfe Larson

Profits for Nonprofits: Earning your own way by Lagace, M

Prophets for Non-Profits? The prospects for venture philanthropy in the developing world.

PuraVida: A Business with a higher calling by Tishler, C.

Putting Nonprofit Business Venture in Perspective

Revenue Generation through Commercial Ventures

San Patrignano. A Model of Integration by Wolley-Fisher P.

Social Enterpreneurship Discussion Paper No.1 by Canadian Centre for Social Enterprise

Social entrepreneurship basics

Social Entrepreneurship Profiles by Pepin, Tranquada

Social Entrepreneurship: Towards an Entrepreneurial Culture for Social and Economic Development by Susan Davis

Social Marketing by Nedra Kline Weinrich

Social Purpose Businesses: Making the Transition From Raising Money to Earning Money.

Social Purpose Enterprise and Venture Philanthropy in the New Millennium; Volume 1,2,3

Social Return on Investment (SROI): Exploring Aspects of Value Creation by Emerson, Jed, Jay Wachowicz,

Social Return on Investment and its Relevance to Microfinance by Thys, Didier

Social Venture Partners Calgary by Orloff, A.

Spinning off Effective Transitions: Lessons to be applied when an organization creates a new nonprofit or for profit spin-off

Starting Point Guide by London Social Economy Taskforce

Supporting Young Social Entrepreneurs by Shrestha, Sunit 

Sustainable Development in the digital age by Peizer, J.

Taking Stock of Your Business Development Assets by Horsnell, A.

Telling Stories of Social Entrepreneurs by Dahle, Cheryl  

The Birth of an Organization by Maran, Meredith

The Growth of the Social Enterprise by Tishler, C.

The Income Diversification by Tranquada, W.

The meaning of "Social Enterpreneruship" by Dees, G.

The Nature of Returns: A Social Capital Markets Inquiry by Emerson, J.

The Social Enterprise Sourcebook –profiles of businesses operated by nonprofits by Jerr Bosch

The Strategic Marketing Matrix for Social Enterpreneurs by Boschee, J.

Thibodeau's Centre. A successful Model of Social Entrepreneurship by Sayani, K.

Toward a better understanding of social entrepreneurship

Turning Administrative Expenses into Opportunities by Tranquada, W.

Unleashing New Resources and Entreprenurship … by Reis, T.

Using big business to fight poverty by Lodge, G.

Using Big Business to Fight Poverty by Lodge, George C.

Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs Become Venture Philanthropists

Venture Forth! By Larson, Rolfe

Ways to Market Social Responsibility by Lagace, M.

What Works by Szalavitz, M.

When Society is Everyone's Business by Lagace, M

Why running a nonprofit is the hardest job in business by Tishler, C.

Work as a Priority. A resource for employing people who have serious mental illness and who are homeless. US Department of Health

Young Social Entrepreneurs in Canada

Abbotsford Recycling Industries Social Enterprise (ARISE) is a social enterprise hybrid concept that posits the melting and casting of recycled glass into long-lasting products such as glass bathtubs, sinks, and wall blocks, all with artistic elements. ARISE will be owned by both traditional business and non-profits, and will employ the marginalized wherever possible.

The Continued Reintegration Inmate Support Society (CRISS) was formed in order to propel a social enterprise that will be a training business for ex-offenders and inmates transitioning to the community. The business will be a retail shop that sells consigned inmate art, with living units on the premise.

Over the summer of 2005, the Centre designed an interview tool meant to map local social enterprises. The results and the tool template are available. Communities wishing to adopt this template to map their own communities are requested to recognize the Centre as template originator, and invited to share their own community results with us!

In June 2005, the Centre hosted a Social Economy Forum in Abbotsford, one of nine in the province. The final report can be viewed here.

Community animator, Centre supporter, and ARISE originator Sid Gould leads the way in championing the need for a separate social enterprise business structure in Canada. His discussion paper on the topic can be viewed here.