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Ashoka: Ashoka's vision is that of a global society that is able to respond quickly and effectively to social challenges everywhere. Ashoka does not accept government funding; business entrepreneurs and their foundations, corporations, individuals and volunteer chapters finance Ashoka's work.                          


Skoll Foundation: The Skoll Foundation was created by Jeff Skoll in 1999 to pursue his vision of a world where all people, regardless of geography, background or economic status, enjoy and employ the full range of their talents and abilities. Skoll, who was the first employee and first President of eBay, believes that strategic investments in the right people can lead to lasting social change.

The Skoll Foundation’s mission is to advance systemic change to benefit communities around the world by investing in, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs are proven leaders whose approaches and solutions to social problems are helping to better the lives and circumstances of countless underserved or disadvantaged individuals. By identifying the people and programs already bringing positive changes to communities throughout the world, the Skoll Foundation empowers them to extend their reach, deepen their impact and fundamentally improve society. &

UnLtd: UnLtd is a charitable organisation set up by seven leading organisations that promote social entrepreneurship.

UnLtd - the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs - wants to support and develop the role of social entrepreneurs as a force for positive change in the United Kingdom. In the short to medium term UnLtd will achieve this by providing:

Awards to social entrepreneurs

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship: The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship provides a global platform to promote social entrepreneurship as a key element to advance societies and address social problems in an innovative and effective manner.

David Bornstein: David Bornstein is the author of How to Change the World and The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank, which chronicles the worldwide growth of the anti-poverty strategy “micro-credit.”

The Price of a Dream, which drew on ten months of research in villages in Bangladesh, won second prize in the Harry Chapin Media Awards, was a finalist for the Helen Bernstein New York Public Library Book Award for Excellence in Journalism, and was selected by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the best business books of 1996.

Bornstein's articles have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, New York Newsday, Il Mundo (Italy), Defis Sud (Belgium) and other publications. He co-wrote the two-hour PBS documentary series "To Our Credit," which focuses on “micro-credit" programs in five countries.

Bornstein received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University in Montreal and a Masters of Arts from New York University. In addition to writing, he has worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst. He lives in New York City with his wife and son.

Acumen Fund: Acumen Fund is a global non-profit venture fund serving the four billion people living on less than $4 a day. Our aim is to create a blueprint for building financially sustainable and scalable organizations that deliver affordable, critical goods and services that elevate the lives of the poor. We adhere to a disciplined process in selecting and managing our philanthropic investments as well as in measuring the end results.

RISE: The Research Initiative on Social Entrepreneurship (RISE) is a research project at Columbia Business School whose mission is to study and disseminate knowledge about the markets, metrics and management of for-profit and nonprofit social enterprise and social venturing.    

RISE is jointly sponsored and supported within Columbia Business School by the
Social Enterprise Program and the Eugene M. Lang Center for Entrepreneurship, and externally by foundations, investment funds, and individual contributions.

Canadian Center for Social Entrepreneurship: A pioneer in encouraging social entrepreneurship, the Canadian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship will be a recognized leader in strengthening community capability through strategic alliances, creative thinking and innovative practices.

Renewal Partners: Renewal Partners is building a portfolio of businesses for which the natural world and societal well-being are of equal importance to financial return.

We believe that profitable enterprises with maximized social good are a necessary formula for a viable economic future.  We focus on supporting ventures based in British Columbia. In an increasingly globalized world, we believe the creation of a more robust and restorative local economy will become the province's greatest long-term competitive advantage.

Endswell Foundation: The founders of Renewal Partners have also created the Endswell Foundation, formed in 1992 with the intention of supporting charitable organizations focused upon environmental sustainability and a conservation economy in British Columbia.

The mission and staffing of both organizations are shared, each using the appropriate tools of its legal designation.

We strongly believe that a business can only be truly "profitable" and responsible if the ultimate goal of its work is to enrich society. Endswell Foundation is the charitable grant making representation of this belief for the owners of Renewal Partners.

For more information regarding Endswell Foundation, please visit their website.

Homeland International Inc: A Canadian Federally Registered Charitable Organization involved in Community Housing and Mixed Use Development Projects Globally.

Social Entrepreneurship Consortium, Inc:   SEC came into existence through deliberations among the Shroff family worldwide and its team members under the stewardship of Firoz Shroff with an objective to play catalyst role in the social sector. The space for SEC was in economy of scope by creating a new niche. The scope is to conquer complexity in the business and philanthropic sector by calibrating commerce and social economics under our own conceptualized social entrepreneurship method, model, process, system and values by creating innovative services, programs, friends and family investment and equity investor funds.

ValuFactory: The Valufactory Inc. is a unique company – the combination of over 125 years global experience in areas ranging from publishing to real estate, new media to public financing. Thanks to the tremendous breadth and depth of experience of the company’s founders, The Valufactory is able to identify gaps and efficiently bridge them – whether they be cultural, social, managerial, or financial – in the interests of generating substantial near- and long-term wealth for the company’s clients and partners.

Sasi Foundation: Sasi Foundation will create social entrepreneurs through simple action and social impact. Globally magnetize unutilized social resources to create social wealth for countries, corporations and communities.                        


Goals of Sasi Foundation

  1. Provide social equity/seed capital and resources to professional individual managers, interns, fresh graduates and volunteers and assist them through part ownership in practical projects to create social wealth enterprises.
  2. Provide financial and other resources to Non Profits, NGO's and social institutions by collaborating in projects that have social entrepreneurship cause.
  3. Provide assistance to companies and group of employees to turn their lay offs, department closures and plants closing into a social entrepreneurial opportunity through social capital/equity participation.
  4. Provide social equity and assistance to communities with innovative implementation strategies to create social entrepreneurial centers to energize all sections of the society with a new mindset from employment to entrepreneurship.